Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bringing Back Positivity!

The Brain is a curious thing. It controls the body and its functions, it can imagine and bring things that are not in existence into existence, it can even hold images and thoughts you didn't know were there. The brain is so powerful and does so much that many of us only use a small portion of it and still utilize it to create multitude of ideas and complete countless tasks.

One of the ways in which we use our brains is to help us stay safe. Safe from negative people, dangerous situations, and even bad memories. We often get these messages audibly and with it a feeling of lost empowerment.  While in most all cases when instructed by our gut or instinct we should take heed and follow suit, those are not the impulses or messages up for debate. No, rather the messages to which I am referring are messages in the form of negativity.

I.E. you are not smart enough, you can't do it. You are stupid, you will never make it. Those thoughts,

Thoughts that if you knew your parent heard you saying them to someone else you would be ashamed. Thoughts that seem to lead us only to feelings of self- doubt, despair, and negativity. These are the thoughts we are referring to.  While many intellects would argue that the brain brings up these thoughts, images and memories as a way of self - protection, why then does it not resonate with you the way other forms of protection would? Why doesn't it feel like the mother's arm that goes across the lap of the child/ person in the front seat at a sudden stop?  Why doesn't it feel like a larger coat being zipped up on a day when it is cold outside? Where is the swoosh you miss when being pulled or pushed out of the way?

In most cases everyone would state  that in feeling protected a warm comfort is applied. It doesn't feel like something is being taken away from you but rather given to you. Almost as if it is an action they were invited to rather than creating.

 If this is the case perhaps it is not that we are receiving incorrect messages but rather interpreting them incorrectly. While in all cases if your gut or instinct directs you strongly then it is most probably a good idea to follow your intuition or knowing. However, if the thoughts you are getting are ones of " you can't" ," you won't" the true soul and spirit of you knows that is not the truth. Thoughts that bring you sadness  don't serve the purpose for your higher good. For in fact if it is a thought from the past, it has already been done and can't be undone with your remembering. If it is a day in the future, there is time to change the outcome thus it is best to create the new day with positive intentions.

As you are aware the only thing you truly have full control over is right now which will of course eventually lead you into right there. In order to get RIGHT there a lot of gurus and even your friends and family would have you believe that daily affirmations can change this course of actions and for some including myself it has.  Indeed affirmations are a great way to remind oneself of how powerful we truly are and what we can do. A quick, " I am smart", to someone who did well in school generates memories of A's and certificates of academic success of days gone by.  Even if the most current feelings of that individual were of defeat and failure. Perhaps it is the use of the words "I am" which leaves anyone with a feeling of  the finality that comes with completion of a task. Or perhaps it is because the brain is a muscle with extensive muscle memory that can pull the feeling of your last, current or expected success into plain view for you to evaluate and enjoy.

Whatever the case if it works for you there may be no reason to fix it, however if you are like others you may need a boost in the positive thought department. That is where the use of Afformations come in. Afformations is the process of asking a question of the affirmation rather than state the just the affirmation.

For instance instead of the thought " I like my body." While looking at a body you do not like instead you may want to try "Why do I like my body?"  In this way you allow your body, brain, spirit, consciousness, God, universe, whatever to bring to you all the reasons why you should like your body. Even if it is not in the state of your highest desire. Instead of stating I have a good job! Perhaps you should ask Why do I have a good job. Your next thoughts may be I have a good job because hey, I at least have a job. I have a good job, where I have had success in the past. I have a good job because it reminds me that when I go after something I can accomplish it.

The way it works is this:

 My brain and I am sure many others works in this way. I see something,  have an initial reaction positive or negative, and then something happens. A question appears, and then another one and perhaps another one until I have satisfied myself. The process of Afforming is taking that positive affirmation and turning it into a question in order to bring more positivity into your life

 While afformations are not wildly popular (at least to what I have found) they can be entirely useful.

For example if your brain says "I am rich, but there is still a feeling or thought that doesn't agree with that rich statement. Try reaching for the question or asking yourself "Why am I rich?". Perhaps while you will be intrigued by how many reasons you are already rich, why you are truly wealthy. At the very least it will allow you to take an honest assessment of everything you have to be grateful for, and that is worth affirming or afforming.

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